Microsoft Waives Program Fees for the Microsoft Certified Trainer Program until December 2021

Know the steps to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer and unlock awesome perks from Microsoft — there’s still time!

Are you looking for ways to advance your career through Microsoft technologies? Luckily for us, we can now make it happen without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Just in case you missed it, Microsoft shared an announcement that gave tech enthusiasts and tech professionals like me an opportunity to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

In the USA, to be a new MCT it costs $1000, renewal costs $800 and the Alumni program costs $99. In the Philippines, to be a new MCT it costs $125, renewal costs $100 and the Alumni program costs $12.

Heres the updated Statement from Microsoft as of June 31, 2021:

Put simply, Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. Perks of a Microsoft Certified Trainer include:

  • Discount to Microsoft Certifications — which is I really value. A typical exam voucher will regularly cost me around $100 USD to $130 USD (with retake per exam) but as an MCT, I can get it as low as 13.75 USD (fundamentals) to $22.5 USD (role-based). That’s 75% MCT Exam Discount Offer to include all role-based and fundamental certification exams.
Regular Price of a Role-Based Certification Exam
Total Due for Exam AZ-300 as an MCT — 75% Discount
  • Access to MCT Exclusive Trainer Files — to supplement your upskilling in the pandemic. As an MCT, you are not left behind in terms of changes in Microsoft technologies, therefore, Microsoft is sharing access to the resources for all available certification paths, the best resource portal you can ever have for Microsoft technologies. This includes PowerPoint slides and teaching slides being used by MCTs in authorized Microsoft Training Centers. In addition, an MCT also get 40% discount to Microsoft Practice Exams, Microsoft Press Books, and 50% on Microsoft Press E-Books.
  • Take New Certifications Ahead with Beta Exams — another valuable perk is for you to try out exams before its release. I was able to take the Azure AI Fundamentals exam for FREE and was able to pass it as well. A downside for taking these beta exams though is you don’t have that many resources, but Microsoft proved me wrong with Microsoft Learn, it’s all that I needed to pass.
  • Free Microsoft Licenses for Personal Use — I was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional from 2014–2017 and this is one of the perks I missed being an MVP and now I grateful to have it again, this time as an MCT. But above all, this perk is not only saving you a lot of money in terms of licensing, but it’s giving you an opportunity to explore up-to-date Microsoft technologies available out there.

Now that you know the basics, and know why becoming an MCT is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss, how do you make it happen?

Before going through the process below, you need have at least one exam that unlocks Microsoft Certified Associate title. For guide, please see this Certification Path Poster and look for the exam code beneath the Associate title you’d like to pursue.

If you don’t have any, there’s still time to take it before December 31, 2020. I had to take my exam at home via online proctor with Pearson Vue and was able to pass MS-700 and achieved Microsoft Certified Teams Administrator Associate.

Microsoft Office Specialist exams also are eligible. For full list, head on to this site and skip to Current Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program section.

Once you have the title, open a browser and do the following:

  1. Complete your profile through this link:
  2. Your eligible certification status will be applied automatically as you fill in your profile since you will need to tag it via your email address where your Microsoft Certified Professional transcripts are connected
  3. I validated my Instructional Training Experience through Personal Reference — In my case, my manager. Highly suggest anyone from your current employer, or anyone within your network

4. Read and accept Terms and Conditions

5. Checkout. You will notice the cost is now $0.00, just click proceed

6. Your Personal Reference will receive an email for your application

7. Once accepted, your MCT status will then be activated. Process took less than an hour

And you’re all set! Welcome to the Microsoft Certified Trainer Community! Above all, I see this opportunity as a cherry on top.

Being an MCT will empower you to share your knowledge to an even wider audiences, or maximize your learning into practice at work, in helping or giving back to communities alongside the opportunities you can get with it.

Gab Villanueva is a Business Development Manager for Filipino ISV & Startups, trainer and consultant for Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing 🌥